Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Unusual Sex Paraphernalias you can get in Old Japan

Because of a brothel owner’s idea in the Tokugawa feudal period in Japan to unite all sex related industries into one district in Edo, Yoshiwara - the red light district of now Tokyo is born. Even in modern times with much cutting edge technology, you can still see traditional products being sold in this busy district in Japan. Among these are unique aphrodisiacs, penis bones and pornographic woodblock prints that resemble PlayBoy magazines of today.

So to help you get the idea of what it is like to live in Yoshiwara in the old days, here are some of the things that you acquire in their markets or in brothels:

  1. Courtesan relationships. Unlike the current trade today, many escorts or prostitutes in Yoshiwara are prized for their beauty and sophistication. Like many regular women, these girls are courted with gifts and smooth talking from many brothel clients before the courtesan says “yes” to intercourse.
  2. Higo zuiki is a device used by men similar to a dotted condom minus the protective part. Strips of flat fiber from the stem of a taro is wrapped and knotted in overlapping layers to cover his member with pleasure inducing ribs. A women’s version is taking a konnyaku cut into strings which can be wrapped around the fingers for a similar purpose.
  3. Fingers, hairs and nails from the dead. Self mutilation is one of the most ultimate form of devotion for many courtesans. Sacrificing their locks of hair and fingernails to their lovers means a courtesan has devoted herself to you. But these girls don’t just go giving their fingers to their clients, they would find someone to do it for them mainly monks that handle dead bodies, cut off their fingers and hair and sell them to courtesans.
  4. Likeness pictures. Unlike the shunga, which displays erotic acts, the likeness picture does not necessarily have to. Likeness pictures are colored woodblock prints of actors and actresses in their finest clothes, often exposing breasts or naughty parts. It is marketed to both men and women and somehow fulfill’s a certain celebrity fantasy that we are all too familiar of.
  5. Azumagata. An azumagata or “edo shape” or “edo shape” is the historic version of a love doll. It consists of a rolled up “body” filled with konnyaku jelly or warm mashed yam with the likeness picture of your favorite actress. We can use our imagination on what these men are trying to do with these azumagata’s.

From escorts to crazy love dolls, Japan has all sorts of weird stuff going on; weird but unique and somehow ingenious. Its influence in eroticism has spread all over the globe with modern uses of the internet, media and other more formidable means. Brisbane Escort girls is your modern day geishas and courtesans in the western world. Know more of the services and what these girls can do for you during your time here in Australia. 

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