Monday, May 20, 2013

Sex Play: 5 Tips on How to Choose your Dildo

Sex toys have been a part of the human sexuality ever since the stone age. Many think that sex toys are a 20th century invention but there have been evidence that early humans have been using them for sexual rites and mainly religious purposes. One of the most common sex toys in the market are dildos. Dildos are phallus-like toys made of synthetic plastic, silicone or metal (depending on what you want). It may look like a penis but it can be used in many ways whether you are straight, gay or lesbian.

In the adult entertainment industry, dildos are well-used to bring about pleasure for its patrons. Escorts in Brisbane have a lot of requests for sex toy play from their clients that is why they are armed with a closet full of this nightstand toys. But if you’re just looking for something to play with during those lonely nights, how would you choose a dildo for yourself? Here are some tips that you might want to consider in buying your own disco stick:

  1. Your preference is what is important. Know what you want in terms of length, girth and ridges and bumps that would be pleasurable for you. There are others that prefer one thing and not the other, so take your pick. You have a wide selection of dildos online or on sex shops.
  2. Next thing you would want to consider in buying your dildo is the material. Dildos can be made of glass, metal, silicone and even wood (furnished without the splinters), depending on your preference. Choose a dildo that is made of non-porous material like silicone and cyberskin. These things are easy to clean and can prevent bacteria from spreading on the toy and on your private parts.
  3. Another thing to consider with regards to material is choosing a phthalate-free material. Phthalate is used to soften rubber (which is also porous) and is proven to have carcinogenic effects and medical problems. Make sure to look for a “phthalate-free” label in the packaging.
  4. As mentioned in number one, you will have to consider your preference in choosing the right dildo. There are many dildos of varying size and texture in the market. Some like it smooth, others like it rough with lots of ridges and bumps.

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