Sunday, June 30, 2013

6 Weird Sex Positions that you can Try

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If you think of sex, you always think of the positions that are associated with it. Some couples prefer missionary, others love doggie while some love the spoon. Whatever sex positions you prefer, it is always good to know some and try it out every once in awhile. Because we like to creep you out with bizarre sex stuff, here are some weird sex positions that (maybe) you should try out too:

The Brute. This position gives you another idea of reverse missionary. This position requires a lot balance for the practicing couple. The receiver (female) lies on her back with her knees on chest. The giver (male) will then squat on top and penetrate her while on top. It sounded complicated when I say it.

The Pile Driver. Moving on to more bizarre sex positions, the pile driver can be performed on bed or on the floor. The receiver needs to be flexible enough to bend her body until her knees touch the floor and her shoulders supporting her. The giver will then penetrate her while slightly standing up. The receiver can further support herself by placing her hands on her back with elbows on the floor.

Twisted doggy. For those who love doggy style, you can amp it up with this position. The receiver will be on all fours but instead of facing forward, the giver will face the other way. Because of this, the position is well-suited with anal penetration.

The Prison guard. For fans of standing sex positions, the prison guard is the next level towards your intimacy. The receiver bends over with hands held by the giver, allowing full penetration and you can go as fast as you want.

69-standing. Another one for a standing position, the 69-standing is sort of a difficult position especially for males. He will be responsible for holding his partner upside down while giving her oral in standing position.

Amazon. For fans of cowgirl and any women-on-top positions, the amazon is the perfect position to try out. This is similar to the brute but instead of the giver on top, the receiver squats facing the giver. This gives the receiver full control of speed and penetration. Talk about women empowerment!

Flexibility and sexual openness is what you will need to perform these positions. Why not try it out with the best girls in the escorting business? Check out more of our blogging section or on our main page: Escorts in Brisbane.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

5 Common Misconceptions about Escorts

The adult entertainment business is not new to society’s eyes yet some people still think that it is a bad idea to have a red light district in the nearby downtown. One of the examples of this kind of business is escorting. Escorting is an adult service in which a private girl offers her time to her clients offering sexual or non-sexual services. People still have many doubts about escorting so let’s take time to clear up a few details about it. Here are some common misconceptions about the business:

  1. Escorts earn a lot of money. We know that one of the most obvious things when working for this kind of business is the financial benefits. It’s true that escorts can earn up to $1000 an hour but these are reserved for high class escorts. If you are planning to enter the escorting world, you need to start from scratch and work your way up the top; it may sound simple but there is a lot of hard work involved in it. You have to fix your schedule, take care of administrative work, get some good photos taken, etc.
  2. Escorts are involved with drugs. Sex under the influence of drugs is never pleasurable for the both of you. Escorts are never involved in drugs even if you asked them to. It is never professional to be under narcotics for both you and your escort.
  3. Escorts are emotionally unstable. Escort girls are normal women with an extraordinary job description. Some people even say that these girls are depressed for being in this kind of business when in fact, they are even happy to be with their clients.
  4. Escorts are all about the looks. Physical attraction and appearance are a great way to get clients but in order for them to come back, you need to provide excellent service through being a great companion, not just look good in front of him/her. Looks can only get you so far in this business but attitude and personality can make you successful.
  5. Escorts are dumb. In relations to number 4, escorts are not just for looks, they also need substance and personality. Intelligence is a must in the escorting business; you need to be sensible, well-opinionated and a great conversationalist to be a good escort.

There are always two sides of a coin. If you want to find out something about this business, it is always good to look both ways before crossing the street. Find the best escortsin Brisbane with us take a closer look on our galleries and blogs for more information about these girls.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

15 Things a Woman Must NOT do while having Sex

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Males and females have equal need for sex; women are just good at hiding their lust. Males taking control when it comes to sexy time is the thing of the past. Women nowadays are more dominant in making love. Even if you were the “submissive” type, females have a role to play in this game to equally achieve intense orgasms. To get rid of the cliche, here are some of the things that a woman must NOT do while having sex.

  1. Discussing past relationships and your ex’s prowess in bed.
  2. Mention your ex’s name when having sex or while on the verge of orgasm.
  3. Farting.
  4. Being too loud like a Japanese female porn star. You’re not starring in an adult movie.
  5. Talking about past sexual experiences and discussing other people’s relationships.
  6. Playing 2 become 1, Truly Madly Deeply or any cliche sex music.
  7. Not taking a shower before or after having sex.
  8. Being too rigid in bed. A woman needs to be more flexible (take yoga lessons if you like).
  9. Sticking to only one or two sex positions. Sex is all about trying new things.
  10. Talking too much about other stuff that doesn’t deal with what’s going on.
  11. Not turning off your phone or constantly playing with it while your partner is ramming you.
  12. Being angry at watching porn while having sex.
  13. Complaining too much about your partner’s performance. If you have honest opinions or criticisms, keep them to yourself or say it to your partner in a more “sensual” manner.
  14. Not cuddling or having after-sex talk.
  15. Wearing crocs.

Sex is not rocket science, you just do what you feel like doing. You can experiment, use toys and even role play to find what is more pleasurable for you. Men are not the only ones who move or thrust during sex, women should learn that it is a shared experience.

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