Wednesday, June 5, 2013

15 Things a Woman Must NOT do while having Sex

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Males and females have equal need for sex; women are just good at hiding their lust. Males taking control when it comes to sexy time is the thing of the past. Women nowadays are more dominant in making love. Even if you were the “submissive” type, females have a role to play in this game to equally achieve intense orgasms. To get rid of the cliche, here are some of the things that a woman must NOT do while having sex.

  1. Discussing past relationships and your ex’s prowess in bed.
  2. Mention your ex’s name when having sex or while on the verge of orgasm.
  3. Farting.
  4. Being too loud like a Japanese female porn star. You’re not starring in an adult movie.
  5. Talking about past sexual experiences and discussing other people’s relationships.
  6. Playing 2 become 1, Truly Madly Deeply or any cliche sex music.
  7. Not taking a shower before or after having sex.
  8. Being too rigid in bed. A woman needs to be more flexible (take yoga lessons if you like).
  9. Sticking to only one or two sex positions. Sex is all about trying new things.
  10. Talking too much about other stuff that doesn’t deal with what’s going on.
  11. Not turning off your phone or constantly playing with it while your partner is ramming you.
  12. Being angry at watching porn while having sex.
  13. Complaining too much about your partner’s performance. If you have honest opinions or criticisms, keep them to yourself or say it to your partner in a more “sensual” manner.
  14. Not cuddling or having after-sex talk.
  15. Wearing crocs.

Sex is not rocket science, you just do what you feel like doing. You can experiment, use toys and even role play to find what is more pleasurable for you. Men are not the only ones who move or thrust during sex, women should learn that it is a shared experience.

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