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Escort Advertising Rules in Australia’s Adult Entertainment Industry

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Australia is famous for its year-long sun, sand and beautiful beaches all within the comforts of the urban jungle. Many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds but that is not the only thing that many bachelors seek in the country. The adult entertainment business in Australia proudly caters to its clients, especially when it comes to escorting. In the country, you can find many independent and agency escorts all welcoming new clients.

However, in each state, there are still regulations that the Australian law had imposed, especially when it comes to marketing online. To give you an idea, here are the restrictions that clients and escorts alike need to understand:

Melbourne Escort Regulations

Melbourne is the strictest state, especially when it comes to escort ads online. Even if you are touring interstate, an escort must have a Victorian ad to suit Melbourne’s restrictions.

  1. Melbourne escorts are restricted on posting full-body photos. Images should only be from head to shoulder, nothing more.
  2. Services are not allowed to be posted in any part of the ad. Escorts are also prohibited from posting profanities that describe their services.
  3. SWA number or Sex Workers Act License number needs to be posted on the ad.

Don’t worry, escorts usually have an alternate page where their clients can view their full-body photos. These are usually posted or linked to their Melbourne page.

Queensland Prohibitions

Queensland is one of the biggest states in Australia, encompassing Brisbane and Gold Coast. In both cities, there are also some restrictions when it comes to escort ads such as:

  1. Services are not posted on the ads just like in Melbourne as well as profanities that describe it.

Though not as strict in photos as it is in Melbourne, the lucky men of Brisbane and Gold Coast are free to feast upon full-body photos from these ladies.

Sydney Goes All Out!

What is great about being a Sydney escort is that you can advertise your photos, your services and other information that can help your client find you. This may be one of the reasons why there are many Sydney escorts compared to other Australian cities.

The rest of the cities such as Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart, escorts are not allowed to offer natural services. A natural service is sex without using condoms or any form of protection.

Find out more about our beautiful companions in the Brisbane escort girls gallery or view our blog posts about sex and the adult entertainment industry in Australia.

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