Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Put on a Condom in Five Easy Steps

Condom for a Safe Life

Condoms are one of the most common forms of protection and contraceptive for safe sex. It is accessible on almost all drugstores and convenience stores and it is easy to use. It can reduce your chances of unwanted pregnancies by 3% and would even lower the chances of acquiring and spreading STDs and STIs if used properly. If not, the chances of conception may rise up to a good 12% so it is always important to know how to put on a condom.

For beginners, here is a guide for you on how to properly put the condom on for maximum satisfaction for you and your partner:

Before putting on the condom:

  1. Always store your condoms in a cool, dry place as indicated in the packaging, away from sunlight.
  2. Always check the expiration date of your condoms.
  3. Make sure that their individual packets are properly sealed.
  4. Tear it carefully without puncturing the condom. Don’t use your teeth as it may tear the rubber apart.
  5. If your condom looks discolored, damaged or brittle, get another pack.
  6. Add a drop of lube for extra sensations. Some condoms already lubricated for ease of use. It’s your prerogative to add more or not.

How to put on a condom properly

  1. Take it out of the packaging carefully without unrolling it.
  2. Pinch the exposed top that looks like a little “nipple” to give space for your sperm when you ejaculate.
  3. While pinching the tip, use the other hand to roll it all the way to the base of your penis.
  4. Continue to push it down until all the air comes out.
  5. Apply lube to avoid breakage.

The aftermath

  1. Hold the base of your condom and slowly pull it out to avoid slipping.
  2. Remove your condom and wrap it to be thrown out, not flushed down the toilet.

Some individuals say that condoms reduce the sensation and pleasure from sex but if you consider the consequences of going in unarmed, the chances are not worth it. Women even take further precautionary measures such as pills, IUD and withdrawal even with the condom on. You can never be too sure to when it comes to sex.

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