Monday, November 17, 2014

Queensland Escorts – Steamy Friday Night Sexcapade

Queensland Escorts
Looking to spend Friday night in the arms of your sultry vixen from QueenslandEscorts? You will definitely experience a night to remember with these skilled courtesans.

Without wasting time, your chosen babe strips off her clothing and invites you to the shower. Naked, she is absolutely gorgeous, her tits nicely shaped and perky, her pussy lightly shaved! The sight is enough to make your dick swell up in longing.

Cool Shower to Arouse the Senses

She then eyes your well-toned body with a lusty look, what with your cock pointing in her direction. Only laughter and dirty talking takes place as you enjoy lathering each other's body. You work your way up from her tits to her thighs, spending a little longer in her G-spot. Taking her turn, she lingers most of the time on your balls, but, doesn't take them to her mouth as she has something more sensual in mind.

Done with her shower, she spreads her nakedness across the crisp sheets on the big warm bed. There's no telling that she needs to be touched and caressed. Instantly, you move a finger up the inside of her leg, massaging her clit, and then proceeding upwards to nibble on her aroused breasts. She groans with delight as you devour one breast in your mouth while the other is pinched between your finger and thumb.

Taking Turns for Orgasm

While your mouth is busy sucking, your hand freely roams her warm and wet groove. Two fingers moving in and out of the creamy portal sends her groaning louder. She then lets out a piercing scream when you bury your face in her sweet smelling cunt, your hot tongue flicking the insides of her tight wall. You think her juices taste so good that you speed up your pace, plunging your tongue in and out of her until she reaches her first orgasm.

When it's her turn, she grabs your erected manhood and pulls back the skin up and down. She then drives it entirely between her full lips, sucking at the head until you pre-cum. She continues taking it in and out of her mouth until you can't seem to hold it any longer and, EXPLODE! She sucks the whole thing clean, making sure it's hard rock again. Then, she does the rodeo act, your cock penetrating her pussy, thrusting it in a furious pace. Together, you soar to the highest ecstasy!

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